What makes our Strobe the Best Metal Separator on the Market?

What is the Steelweld Strobe ECS 1500?

The Steelweld Strobe ECS 1500 is a mobile eddy current separator using a powerful magnetic field to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium and copper from a variety of materials. Incorporating the Master Magnets ECS1500 ensures that optimal separation and a maximum yield is achieved.

Why choose Steelweld Enviro Products?

Compared to other similar products in the market, Steelweld Enviro Products offer exceptional value for money. Working with a world renowned brand like Master Magnets ensures the end product is thoroughly uncontaminated and can go straight to the end user without going through any other processes. The Strobe can process up to 30TPH* compared to other competitors ranging from 10 -20 TPH.

Another great benefit of the Steelweld Strobe is that it comes on crawler tracks, an on-board diesel generator and hydraulic power pack allowing for easy site manoeuvrability. The customer will be able to easily move the plant to the material. The on-board diesel generator by FG Wilson is extremely energy efficient and even allows for a spare capacity of 35kba. The unit is completely self-contained and self-powered. Its unique low feed height allows it to be directly fed from a Trommel, easily integrating it into any system.

The Steelweld Strobe is extremely easy to maintain. All parts are easily accessible and the unit has an on board compressor which increases the life span of the machine by cleaning after every use. Working with the highest quality brands such as Master Magnets and FG Wilson ensures a worldwide dedicated network of service teams should you need assistance. Steelweld Enviro Products also offer a 12 months warranty on its machinery.

*depending on source material density